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How do I know what color of clothes suits me?

How do I know what color of clothes suits me?

All of us, at some point, have realized that some clothes look better on us than others and that it is not always about design and clothing, but about color. But, perhaps you have asked yourself, how do I know what color I look prettier with?

Fortunately, there are colorimetry studies that allow us to know which colors look best with certain skin tones; however, here we will not apply science, we will try to solve it in a simple and dynamic way so that after finishing reading, you know which combinations are the most favorable for you.

The seasons of the year can define your profile

To make this text more fun, we are going to define which colors suit you best, according to your skin tone and hair color, classifying it into the four seasons of the year:

Winter profile

These types of people have skin in tones called cold; that is, they usually have a white, olive or black complexion; with very blonde or black hair colors; and green, blue or black eyes.

Blue, purple, pink, white, black, and mustard yellow colors suit this type of person well.

Spring profile

The skin of “spring” people is usually warm colors or rosy white, with more brown, golden or even red hair; and eyes in any shade.

This type of person usually stands out with pastel colors, gold and any color in a light tone. They definitely do not usually look good with brightly colored or very dark clothing.

Summer profile

People with a summer profile have a pale or beige skin type; with platinum blonde, brown, reddish, or even ash hair; their eyes can be green or blue.

These types of profiles look red in different variations, purple, burgundy, black and blue. Colors to avoid are orange, yellow, and deep greens.

Autumn profile

These types of people are characterized by having a tan or golden skin tone, without signs of blush; in addition, they have brown, blond or golden hair; and their eyes can be any color.

These types of people look great with clothes of almost any color; however, they tend to stand out when they wear dull brown, orange, yellow, gold and green colors. Although it is not an exception, they are the type of profile that should not wear clothing with a lot of black or white.

Final recommendations

It may be that, despite our indications, you still do not identify with a profile or feel that the colors mentioned do not represent your style or simply do not appeal to you.

We remind you that these are only suggestions based on studies and that color is not everything. There are colors that may not favor you but that combine very well with others that do and make you look truly extraordinary and beautiful.

In this sense, it is best to try on your clothes before buying them, to find out if they really look good with your skin tone or not.

You can also choose to ask your relatives for recommendations, since looking with your own eyes is not the same as being seen from another angle. In the same way, you can contact our store, we will try to help you in your choice so that you obtain the greatest satisfaction.