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5 Tips to dress better

Did you know that you can get better out of your outfits? Every woman, passionate about fashion and beauty, wants to look splendid with her clothing, but this does not mean that you should resort to luxurious brands, it is enough to know some important points before choosing what to wear.

Fashion is now accessible to everyone and we love the fact that there are thousands of garments that highlight all our attributes, but not all of them show us our best version, so let’s see 5 Tips that are infallible when it comes to dressing better.

1- Clothes that flatter you

The first thing we must take into account is that it is not about buying clothes because they were fashionable or because they seem “pretty” to us. The objective is to find something in accordance with our figure and with which we can feel comfortable, all this demonstrating our original personality.

Now, how can I know what favors me? Pay attention to the sizes and your body shape.

What body shape do I have?

At this point we already know that we all have different figures and that they distinguish us from one another; however, it is important to identify our attributes to know what we should highlight and what we should hide. Let’s see what clothes favor you, according to this general classification:

Apple figure.

Women with this figure have greater body volume in the middle part, so they are usually favored with V-necked garments, asymmetrical skirts, A-shaped dresses, straight leg pants and all those garments that divert attention from the figure. waist.

Rectangle figure.

These are women who have a much more athletic body and tend to be thinner. In this sense, the ideal is to wear garments that offer curves to the body, such as rounded necklines, tight-fitting garments at the waist, high-waisted or flared pants, ruffled blouses, among others.

Hourglass figure.

It is the type of figure that most women want; however, not just any garment suits her either. To enhance your attributes, you can wear tailored garments, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, tight-fitting blouses at the waist, tight-fitting jackets, among others.

Pear figure.

It is the type of figure in which the hips are more pronounced with respect to the shoulders, so the garments that most favor them are those in an A cut, blouses or dresses with one shoulder or with striking details, layered shirts and lower garments. of dark colors.

What is my size?

After identifying your figure, it is extremely important that you choose the correct size, since small garments can limit your movements and be uncomfortable, while large ones offer a sloppy impression. How to achieve it?

Look at the seams of the clothes you already have. These should look flat, straight, and without the fabric looking puckered; If these three characteristics are met, you are facing the perfect size.

2- Pay attention to colors

It is a fact that not all colors go with you, so the next tip to dress better is to choose those clothes that favor your skin color and that go with your personality. For the latter, we will look at our tastes and preferences, but for the former we will look at the veins of the wrists, yes! They may give you better clues than you think.

If your veins point to green, it means that your skin tends to yellow, so warm colors like orange, brown, red, yellow and white can go very well for you.
If your veins point to blue, it means that your skin tends more towards pink, so you can opt for cooler colors, such as blue, emerald, topaz, black, among others.
Of course, it does not mean that you will not use other colors, these are just suggestions that will help define colors that best go with your skin tone, but the combination options are endless.

3- Create a predetermined and unhurried look

If you want to know what combinations make you look better, the ideal is to try different outfits with time, in this way you will be able to find the most exciting looks for those important moments in which you want to look extraordinary.

An additional tip is that once you find a combination that you like and makes you look good, take a photo; With this you can have a reference about the clothes you used to dress on another occasion.

4- An outfit for every moment

In addition to taking the time to try different combinations and save them, you must establish a specific time to take them with you. Only Hollywood stars can wear sneakers to a gala night, so if you’re not one of them, it’s best to adapt to situations.

Classify your garments or even the combinations created, according to the moment; that is, some for day to day, others for work, others for night outings, among others. This is an important tip if you want to look good in front of others.

5- Love yourself, without complexes

It does not matter if the garment you chose is the best, the most beautiful or the one that best suits you; If you don’t have self-esteem to recognize yourself beautiful, it’s useless.

Looking good starts from the inside, so make an effort to love yourself more and you will generate confidence and security, making your outfits gain strength and personality.

Sometimes, you need to have some basic clothes to be able to have this confidence when dressing; however, the daring to use new things or to renew your wardrobe is what will awaken pleasant experiences in your way of dressing

Now that you know the 5 essentials to dress better, we hope you start to take advantage of it and show off an extraordinary outfit. In addition, we remember that at Glo Boutique we are always ready to support you in your concerns.